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Foof Chairs:
XXL Foof (7ft)
XL Foof (6ft)
King Foof (5ft)
Large Foof (4ft)
Medium Foof (3.5ft)
Small Foof (3ft)

XS Foof (2.5ft)

Foof Accessories
Foof Pillows
Foof Ottomans
Foof Covers
Foof for Kids
Kids Tink Arm Chair
Kids Tink Couch
Fruit Foof Chairs
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Foof Wedge

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What is a Poof (Poof) Chair?

If you think a Poof Chair is an ordinary bean bag chair, then you need to keep reading!
  Instead of being filled with styrofoam beans that leak out and flatten over time, Poof Chairs are filled with soft, comfy shredded urethane foam that engulfs you in a soothing cushion of endless comfort.  Word's can't describe the feeling of sitting in one for your first time.  Poof Chairs have a wide variety of color and fabric choices, so you can customize your Poof Chair the way you want!

Why order from PoofChairs.com?

PoofChairs.com has been online since 2000 and is the oldest, most trusted seller of Poof Chairs on the internet today!  With easy navigation, a 100% hacker-free encrypted checkout, free shipping, and the lowest prices on the internet, why shop anywhere else?
Choose Your Poof Chair Below Now!

XXL Poof Chair

XL Poof Chair

 King Poof Chair

Large Poof Chair

7 ft - 2-3 person couch
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6 ft - 2 person couch
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5 ft - oversized adult chair
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4 ft -  adult chair
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Medium Poof Chair

Small Poof Chair

Extra Small Poof Chair

College Poof Chair

3.5 ft - teenager/dorm chair
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3 ft - kid's chair
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2.5 ft - toddler chair
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7 sizes, 18 schools
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Poof Chair Accessories

Poof Chair Covers

Poof Pillows

Poof Ottomans


7 sizes, 6 fabrics, 60+ colors
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Various sizes and shapes
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Kick your feet up!

Other Poof Chair Products

Poof TV Rocker

Poof Pads/Dog Beds

Sports Poof Chairs

Fruit Poof Chairs

TV Rocker with optional stand
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3 sizes for any child or pet!
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4 sports to choose from
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4 fruity choices
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The Poof Wedge

Tink Arm Chair

Tink Couch

Filled Inner Liner

Perfect for any TV Room
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6 fabrics, 60+ colors
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2.5 ft - toddler chair
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Poof Foam, no cover
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